Scales to Tails


Not everybody likes reptiles and amphibians so finding someone to care for them while you’re away is not always easy. Below are some of the reptiles and amphibians I have cared for in the past.


- Geckos               - Iguanas               - Skinks                     - Snakes

 -Chameleons         - Green Anole         -Spiders                     - Terrapins         

- Tortoises             - Axolotl               - Tree frogs                 - Bearded Dragon


Plus a range of insects such as stick insects, praying mantis and leaf insects. If your exotic animal is not on the list I am happy to discuss your animal’s requirements and if I am confident I can look after your exotic I will. 


Visits can include, feed, water, temperature check, and general health-check.



Start from as little as £6.00 a visit


All jobs will be quoted for on an individual basis as it will depend on what your exotic’s requirement’s are. I am happy to feed your exotics whatever feed they require as long as it complies with the law.



All prices include mileage & ‘home-safe package’ (where applicable)


Households with multiple animals will be quoted for separately