Scales to Tails


Small Animals

When going on holiday it can be difficult to find care for smaller pets, so I am here to help. I have cared for a wide range of small animals which are listed below. If your animal is not on the list I am happy to discuss your animal’s requirements and if I am confident I can look after your animal I will.

- Rabbits                    - Guinea pigs                           - Hamsters

- Chipmunks                - Chinchillas                             - Degus

- Jirds                        - Sugar gliders                          - Ferrets 

- Gerbils                     - Rats                                     - Mice


Visits can includes general health-check, change water, feed, play and cuddles.


£5.00 - One visit to one cage 

£2.50 - one cage/ tank cleaning, for big cages prices may vary 


          All prices include mileage & ‘home-safe package’ (where applicable)

               Households with multiple animals will be quoted for separately